Sebagai Sarana Menyambung Tali Persaudaraan dan Memajukan Ekonomi Bangsa

Business Contact

A. What do you say to a business contact when :

  1. you introduce yourself?
  2. you introduce another person?
  3. you are introduced to another person?

B. Complete these introductions based on the business card. Use the correct to be and article

  1. Good morning. My name…..Sandra Dewi. I am …….English teacher. I …..from Surabaya.
  2. Hello. I ….Nikolai Ivanov. I …..from Rusia. I am …
  3. Hi. I …..Yuan Lee. I …..from China. I am ….university student
  4. Good morning. I ….from Singapore. I am … my name …..Erika Schulz

C. Please Complete the dialogue below!

Sahlan        : What’s  your name?

John           :

Sahlan        : Are you a student?

John           :

Sahlan        : Are you Indonesian or Singaporean?

John           :

Sahlan        : How old are you?

John           :

Sahlan        : Where do you live?

John           :

Sahlan        : What number?

John           :

  1. Yes, I am
  2. I am Singapore
  3. I’m twenty years old
  4. I live at Green Street
  5. My name is John
  6. Nine

D. Read the dialogue between two people at a conference. Fill the blanks with these questions words.

Laura         : ….do you do? I’m Laura Sinclair

Tony          : Nice to meet you. I’m Tony Rahman

Laura         : Ah! You give a talk on TV one every Tuesday

Tony          : That’s right…..are you from Mrs. Sinclair?

Laura         : Yogyakarta

Tony          : And….do you work for?

Laura         : Business radio

Tony          : Ah, yes! You’re giving a talk on business strategies programme

Laura         : That’s right

Tony          : I often go to Yogyakarta for a business. I’d like to hear yours….is it?

Laura         : After lunch…don’t you come along?

Tony          : I’d like to. …..time does it start?

Laura         : At 1.30 pm

E. Find the right answer for the questions

F. Complete the text with the correct alternative

David is/an Indonesian. He are/is 25 years old. He is a/an manager for/to a multinational company. The/Æ head office is in/on Jakarta. He works at/in the finance department. His office is in/on the ground floor. His interest is/are sport and reading. At the/a weekend he goes to bookstore to buy some books.

G. Complete the dialogues by putting appropriate verbs or be in brackets into the present simple forms

A   : Where do you come (come) from?

B    : I ….(come) from Indonesia

A   : …. (you/live) in Jakarta?

B    : No, I ….(not/live) in Jakarta. I …..(live) in Surabaya

A   : What ….(you/do)?

B    : I’m a teacher. I ….(work) for Al-Hikmah School.

A   : How often …. (you/travel) to Singapore?

B    : I …(not/come) here very often?

H. Complete the chart about yourself and write yours as the text above. Then introduce yourself to a partner.


1. (at home/your mother?)                     Is your mother at home?

2. (your parents/well?)

3. (interesting/your job?)

4. (the shops/open today)

5. (interested in sport/you?)

6. (near here/the post office)

7. (at school/your children)

8. why/you/late?

Complete the sentence using the words in the box

  1. England ………….a country
  2. Big Ben…………a clock in London
  3. ……………is…………Liverpool
  4. Anna Parker……from Brinson
  5. ………is in London
  6. London …………a city
  7. ……… in England
  8. Where ……you from?
  9. I ……..from Jakarta
  10. My name………

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