Sebagai Sarana Menyambung Tali Persaudaraan dan Memajukan Ekonomi Bangsa


+ I am (I’m) 


You/We/They are

a student 

from Indonesia

at work

I am not 

He/She/It not (isn’t)

You/We/They are not (aren’t)

a student 

from Indonesia

at work

? Am I 

Is He/She/it

Are you/We/They

a student? 

from Indonesia?

at work?

1. Questions with to be

A. We put the form of the verb to be at the beginning :

Am I early?

Is he a manager?

Are you a marketing officer?

B. We do not use the short form of the verb in answer

Are you a teacher? Yes, I am (NOT yes, I’m)

Is she married? Yes, she is (NOT yes, she’s)

C. With Wh-questions :

What ‘s 


your jobs? 

their names?

Who ‘s your boss?
Are they?
Where ‘s She from?
Are The files?

2. Article

A. The indefinite article a/an

a. We use a before words beginning with consonant sound :

A city a European a problem a university

b. We use an before words beginning with a vowel sound :

An address an hour an interest

c. We use a/an with job titles :

He is an accountant

She is a manager

d. We use a/an before unspecified singular countable nouns :

She works in an office

B. The definite article : the

– We use the when it is clear from the context what particular thing or place is meant :

I’ll meet you in the reception area

– We use the before a noun that we have mentioned before :

She works in a consumer goods company. She has worked for the company since 1999

C. Zero article :

– We do not put an article before mass used in general statement; () Money is the root of all evil

– There is no article before the names of the places and the people.


Questions word Do or does Subject Verb phrase
What Do you do?
Does he/she
When Do I go?
Does the rain leave?
Where Do they come from?
Does Malika
Why Do we want a new printer?
Does he/she
How Do they work?
Does It
How often Do they travel abroad?
Does she/he

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