Sebagai Sarana Menyambung Tali Persaudaraan dan Memajukan Ekonomi Bangsa


A. We can use can or could to :

–         Make request

Can I make a phone call?

Could you tell me the number, please?

–         Give or refuse permission

You can use my mobile phone

You can’t go there. It’s private

–         Make an offer

Can I take your coat?

–         Say that something is possible or impossible

I can’t get through to them : their phone’s always engaged.

B. We use would to :

– Make a request    : Would you open the door?

– Make offers         : Would you like a glass of water?

C. We use may to make a request :

May I speak to Arthur

Sumber : Hand Out English Professional I Stie PGRI DEWANTARA JOMBANG by Ida Setyawati, S.Pd, M.Pd

Indeks Bahasa Inggris I


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